March 23, 2009

Bjørg vs. Bittersweets NY.

I really do like the jewellery from norwegian designer, Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen. Combining contrasting metals and precious stones in an industrial style, Bjørg often uses animal motifs and poetic text engraved into the pendants and inscribed onto the rings. From pieces like the affectionate tome (#1) which translates, “from the bottom of my heart” to complex charmed necklaces featuring bunny heads and pistols... But I can't help wondering if some of the inspiration may come from Bittersweets N.Y?

# 1 - Bjørg
# 2 - Bjørg
# 3 - Bittersweets N.Y

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  2. Hello from your bittersweets fairy godmother! We heard you liked our jewelry and wanted to offer you a 10% off coupon to use on any order. just use the coupon code "jezebel" at checkout to receive your discount! xoxo


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