June 28, 2012

Add some color


John Paul Tran

I love the work of John Paul Tran - A NYC based fashion beauty creative director and fashion photographer. Go take a look at all the editorials, covers and ads on his site... It's stunning!

source john paul tran

June 22, 2012

Love this documentary

Andrew Lovgren presents a documentary about the free feeling of skateboarding.
Get out of the box and go skate.

Award winning for:
Best Documentary and Best Cinematography at the Student Television Network Nationals
Best Documentary at the eMagine Film Festival
Best Documentary at the Focus Film Festival

Swing Away

Would love to have this Swing Table in the conference room at work. It is a dining table, but I think it might be a bit messy, if you swing and eat at the same time. Available at Duffy London for the price of £4,995.00

source duffy london

June 1, 2012

“The storm starts, when the drops start dropping
When the drops stop dropping then the storm starts stopping.”
Dr. Seuss 

Acca Kappa

One of my favorites. White Moss from Acca Kappa is created with the essential oils of lavender and juniper. I wear this daily, when I wan't something fresh, light and airy. A good tip for a summer scent!

picture from al verde natura

Today's Wishes

Black and Gold

Happy Friday

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