November 5, 2010

Scotch Naturals


Scotch Naturals is a line of water-based, non-toxic polish that is
free of the harsh chemicals found in most solvent-based polishes. You can get online at Spirit Beauty Lounge. Can someone please bring them to Scandinavia?
Me waaaaaaaant!

"Scotch Naturals™ polish has a lot in common with the women who wear it. We are smart, fun, and forward thinking. We care about the environment, and we come in a wide variety of colors. When we want to look and feel our best, we choose natural products, knowing it’s not just healthier for us, but for the world around us."

source scotch naturals


  1. The neutral colors are my favorite.
    Nice week to you.

  2. Fabulous nailpolishes, LOVE the green one. Thanks for recommending. Your blog is great!


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