April 14, 2010

Complicated Universal Cum - I can hardly wait

Official Video for "I can hardly wait" by Complicated Universal Cum released on Fake Diamond Records.

"As when I look at the sun knowing that within my reach of mind the exact same sun is the main reason I’m able to think at all. As when I know for sure that nothing I will ever do, think or feel will signify anything to eternity. As when I know that there are wrong days to say something right. As when I know that nothing is wrong or right. As when I know that there is nothing between zero and one even though there is always something in between. As when I know that all I know is that I don’t know. This could be the truth! You may find it depressing? Or even beautiful? To me it's complicated universal cum."

Video - Ditlev Rosing & Frederik Valentin.
Videoconcept - Kasper Bjørke
Kissing Girls - Sarah & Marlene

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